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About Safemailer
Safemailer is a B2B SaaS platform dedicated to simplifying and securing email communication for businesses. With a user-friendly interface and robust encryption features, Safemailer ensures the confidentiality and integrity of email communications, making it an essential tool for modern businesses. As a relatively new entrant to the Indian market, Safemailer was looking to expand its reach, build a strong customer base, and solidify its online presence

Industry :- Email marketing & automation platform

Campaign period: May to july

The Challenge:

Safemailer approached Mindmark Digital with a primary objective: to increase its brand visibility, attract relevant leads, and convert them into paying customers in the Indian & Canadian market. 

As a B2B SaaS marketing agency, we needed to tackle this challenge by leveraging a variety of digital marketing strategies.

Campaign Objectives

Organic SEO Growth in India: Safemailer aimed to improve its organic search engine rankings in India, focusing on relevant keywords and increasing its online visibility.

Paid Marketing in Canada: Safemailer sought to generate leads through paid marketing efforts, primarily utilizing Google Ads in the Canadian market.

Social Media Establishment: Mindmark Digital was tasked with setting up and optimizing Safemailer’s LinkedIn profile to enhance the brand’s professional network and online presence.

Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) Definition: Defining the ideal customer persona for Safemailer was essential to target the right audience and create highly effective marketing campaigns.

How Mindmark Work For Codejudge

Organic SEO Growth in India

Keyword Research - Mindmark Digital initiated the SEO campaign with thorough keyword research specific to the Indian market, identifying relevant terms related to email security and encryption.
Website Optimization - We optimized Safemailer's website structure, making it search engine-friendly. We also implemented content improvements, including case studies, blogs, and website structure enhancements, to attract organic traffic.
Content Marketing - We crafted compelling case studies and blogs, showcasing Safemailer's value proposition, user benefits, and success stories. This content served as a cornerstone for attracting organic traffic.

Paid Marketing in Canada

Google Ads Campaign - Mindmark Digital executed a well-structured Google Ads campaign inclusive of keyword research specific to the Canadian market, focusing on user intent, demographics, and competitor analysis with a budget of $5,000. This campaign resulted in 25 user sign-ups, with an average customer acquisition cost (CAC) of $250.

Social Media Establishment (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn Profile Optimization - Mindmark Digital created and optimized Safemailer's LinkedIn profile. We designed a professional and engaging company page and initiated consistent posting to increase the brand's social media presence.

Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) Definition

Audience Profiling - We worked with Safemailer to define their ideal customer persona, based on demographics, job roles, industries, and pain points.

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