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codejudge-technical hiring made easy

Industry :- Technical Screening, Jobs & Employment - Online technical assessment and hiring platform

Campaign Period: Jun 2021 till now

The Challenge: Codejudge, a leading platform for hosting hiring assessments & contests for enterprises, was seeking to expand its market presence in India. They aimed to promote their comprehensive hiring solution to enterprises across various industry verticals.

Campaign Objectives: Mindmark Digital was tasked with boosting leads and booking sales meetings for Codejudge by engaging enterprise leaders across multiple verticals. This required a tailored email marketing campaign to reach the right audience effectively

How Mindmark Work For Codejudge

Understanding the User Persona

To ensure the success of the campaign, Mindmark Digital began by defining the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) in collaboration with Codejudge. The ICP consisted of Managers, VPs, Technical leaders, and CxOs from six key verticals: Enterprises, Universities, E-learning, Hiring marketplaces, Recruitment agencies, and Dev shops.

Targeted Email Marketing

Mindmark Digital's strategy revolved around creating highly targeted email marketing campaigns based on the identified user personas. This approach involved personalization and industry-specific messaging tailored to the needs of the recipients.

Crafting Personalized Messaging

The messaging approach centered on addressing the core challenges faced by each target industry, presenting solutions from a managerial and technology leadership perspective. The emails were designed to be engaging, offering value by showcasing Codejudge's high quality features, capabilities and how they could benefit each specific enterprise.

Results Generated

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